Here we go!

Today I shipped off our 'we're not going to public school' official paperwork to the state. I'm 12 days late. I promised to share the good, the bad, the ugly, the trials, the tribulations....well, there it is. I was pretty sure I still had about a month left before I even had to turn that in, but I was wrong.

Anyways, I filled it out, copied Cam's birth certificate, stuffed it in an envelope and praying I did it all correctly. It's my first year, they'll cut me some slack I hope.

We still don't have to officially start until after Labor Day, but I just want to get in the swing of things to be honest and to commemorate being 'official', I wanted to be super 'home-schooley' today and go on a field trip of sorts.

Cam and myself are on a plant kick; she's real good at keeping them alive and I am not. But, about two or three weeks ago I picked up a fern, a pothos and some cactus and they have not shriveled up yet! Whew! We decided we would gather her plant books (we got ALL of them at Goodwill) shove them in a backpack with a journal, grab my camera and venture out to the local nursery (plant nursery, that is).

We arrived and here I am juggling a 10 month old, my camera, putting Cam's flip-flops on...yada yada. Eventually we got inside and were greeted by the nicest ladies and a pup! Cam introduces herself and we tell them we are homeschooling and we were there to look around!

Cam already had her plant book in hand and immediately starts trying to identify plants in her book and find them outside, she was actually REALLY was super exciting and rewarding to watch.

Cam talks to anyone, so she of course told the ladies who run the place...her life story, she spent some time with their Schnauzer and even made a friend who she was trying to convince to ALSO jump in the giant puddles that were there.

We found Dill, Zinnia, and Moon flowers to match her plant book and we got to pick them at no cost, so nice of them! There is so much community out there, willing to help us just have to go find it! We had a really wonderful afternoon! I hope you enjoy our photos!

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