Back on track

For most, the school year is ending...but we're just now getting into our groove after finally settling into our home mid-March. We had a good schooling routine at the rental, but we lost sight of things as we were trying to get used to our new place and figure out WHERE we were going to learn. I wanted badly to set-up a homeschool space in our finished basement, it's gorgeous down there and huge but for us, it felt extremely lonely. So, we made our living room space really colorful and cozy and will be doing all our learning in there!

Today, I feel like we're finally back on track. We have our 'area' set up, it's so simple and we have a chart to log our activities. This will help keep us accountable and get Cam to her goal of an LOL SURPRISE. I told her she has to earn 30 stars to get her LOL, a great incentive for her to get her worksheets done and wake up in the morning.

Today we did a lesson on seed germination and then read a book and did a comprehension worksheet on the book we read. Camden had to write what each step in the book was and then draw a photo to go along with it. And that was it! We are all done for the day already. So carefree, at least today....

Below are photos of our living space and learning areas. And then some books we thrifted, which we LOVE doing, our lessons for today, our quiz video and our chart! (This is the link we watched today for seed germination)

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