Blue Jays

Today I told Cam I didn't really want her watching TV or Toy Review videos today and to use her imagination. Not only that, but some days I just really don't want to hear anything in the background of my life...especially some kid unboxing toys...ugh.

Anyways, Camden said she wanted to color some pictures to send to her Grandma in Kentucky. She got a nature coloring book for Valentine's Day from her aunt Kendal...she picked out a blue jay page and began coloring. She came and showed me, so we decided to learn about them today!

So, we found two videos on them and watched them both twice. As we watched, I wrote down questions to ask Camden after! (Daddy called us, so that's why the quiz video was cut short).

Again, my favorite part of this is learning with Cam. I am learning new things everyday that I didn't know, truly!

After her quiz, we OF COURSE...made two bird feeders with peanut butter and graham crackers. We didn't have any seeds handy and I'm trying to avoid going to the store often for every project we do. The internet said they'll really eat crumbs of any kind so...Camden picked graham crackers from the cabinet.

Afterwards, she went and picked the lowest branch to hang them on and came running back to the porch and said she would do her bird call, hahahah.

Enjoy our videos! We didn't whip out the pro camera today, so my cell shots will have to suffice!

That's all for today!

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