A few months ago I stumbled upon these "odd" terms...words I'd never heard before, but one that held really neat meaning. Some days they fall perfectly on the kind of afternoon we have or the lifestyle we strive daily for.

Today we learned a whole lot of different things in a ton of different ways; we gave each activity our all with a bit of soul, creativity and love. Behold: MERAKI. Cool, huh?

Uhm, also...peep that letter board y'all. I've been avoiding every opportunity to buy one of these because they aren't $7...and that's like my limit for anything. BUT...I'M. SO. GLAD. I. DID. Not only is this going to serve as a motivational quote, lyric displaying, happy word board...Camden was STOKED to spell things on it. We're ESPECIALLY and MOSTLY working on her name. She's able to write it and spell it on a good day. Sometimes she feels forced and wants nothing to do with "writing" her name. Today she thought this was just the COOLEST way to spell it out so that's a win in my book! I then asked her "What is one thing people should know about you." And she said..."I love to shop with my mom." AY GIRL, AYYYY.

She also wanted me to help her spell 'Raccoon'. When she was done, she said..."ok, I'm going to spell a word that you don't know what it is." She added 'new' to the end of Raccoon, I read it as it spelled and she said "yeah, that's his name RACCOONNEW"...naming her wooden guy. HAHAHAH.

...backtrack, cause I ramble and bounce. So, we woke up today and I asked Camden what she wanted to learn about today.

"Ancient Egypt."


So, we got on YouTube and we watched 3 videos about it. I slipped out to shower 2.5 videos in and she popped in and said "Did you know that they used to MUMMIFY CATS?!" The things she remembers from all the videos she watches is always the weirdest ones.

We looked up lessons we could do about Ancient Egypt and we decided to try and build a pyramid out of toothpicks and small marsh mellows (I didn't get any photos of this). was HARD. We will continue learning about Ancient Egypt next week; there was a lot of really neat crafts we wanted to try but didn't get to today.

We felt like getting creative after our pyramid FAIL, so we decided to get started on our 'Folk Village'. I have a really great idea to make a corner of our yard for imaginative play this summer when it's hot and we can spend our long, sun filled days....outside. I want it to have gnomes and people and wooden parts and path ways and just everything. So, today we made a swing fort out of sticks and moss and pinecones. We would of kept building but we ran out of hot glue, the swing got finished though! Andddd we found the COOLEST experimental magnet set at Target and tinkered with that too.

So, as you can was a hodge-podge of learning and creating. We had fun! Enjoy our photos!

Andddd some cell phone shots of our swing in action and our camper plot!

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