Nature....or not.

Today I woke up needing always. It's usually a fight to get Camden out of the house...she is the biggest homebody that ever lived. Eventually we made it out after 1.5 hours from the thought of it...we stepped outside and I felt the sun beating on my face, something we haven't felt in what feels like weeks. Right then and there I decided that when we got back from getting the iced goodness that keeps me sane and alive that we would set up blankets out front and catch some's good for the soul, especially after being cooped up forEVER...(intention is my newest and biggest goal). Honestly, usually I would of said "maybe tomorrow", but I'm trying for more yes's, I'm trying to not be constantly caught up in my own thoughts...where I find myself A LOT. Even though the preparation and set-up normally takes far longer than the actual event....saying we did something is worth it in retrospect.

We got home and I got the girls dressed, weather appropriate for a 49 degree, sunny day...we gathered paper and crayons and Camden's 'adventure' pouch so she could put sticks and pine cones inside (I planned to have Camden draw them or make something with them after). So, I set everything up and Camden said it was too cold and ditched us, even though she was standing in the shade of our roof and didn't even attempt to come feel the sun...she went inside, pouting...declaring that it was just FREEZING! I promised I'd share the good, the bad and the ugly....apparently trying to get my kid to enjoy one of the nicer days during wintertime is just HORRID. Laiken and myself made the best of it, she LOVED being outside (something we haven't been able to do with her a whole lot, because well...Nebraska) and she really liked touching the pine cones (somehow they were sort of soft ones...not spiky at all). She's doing really well at trying to sit up and do more than crawl in a circle! Here's some photos from our 15 minutes of sun which wore her out, she's currently napping <3

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