We're Homeschooling and That's That!

I've made the final decision to homeschool Camden this coming Fall, so we have awhile until we have to officially "start", but there's no reason we can't begin our learning journey now. I'm going to blog to hold myself accountable, to stay organized, keep track of Cam's progress (which will be marked at the bottom of every blog) and share our journey because...at first it seems like a daunting task and I want to be open about our trials and tribulations through it all in case anyone wants to follow suit!

So, that word...daunting....yeah....teaching my own kid?! What? I'm NOT a teacher! ....sure you are. You're THE most important person in their lives, a person they love, respect and look up to. You're older and wiser, so why can't you show them the ways of the world with love heeding the way? You can! I can! And I'm doing it!

Right now, I think the key is to just not be overwhelmed. You DON'T have to do 24 lessons a day, you don't have to bombard them with a certain amount of knowledge on a daily basis. Think about how you learned; think about the ways knowledge stuck with you. Was it long hours of studying, sitting in a desk, someone telling you what to learn? I'm thinking hardly. Maybe studying, sitting in one spot for hours on end and someone telling you what you need to learn to function in this world worked for you, but I think most of us are wiser than that. I think we know that kids need movement, interactive play, hands on learning. I know that I doodled my entire life, just so I could focus. Most teachers didn't like when I wasn't staring directly at them "paying attention", but for me...that WAS paying attention. I retained information when I doodled, it was the only way my brain wouldn't wander off into another world. Besides helping me focus...my doodles turned into art and my art turned into me being a creative and that turned me into an entrepreneur who creates art for other people and ultimately, I'm doing what I love every single day of my life. Since I'm afforded that opportunity, I feel like I owe that same life to my kid. I want her to learn how she needs to learn without someone telling her she's learning wrong, because there's literally no wrong way to learn. Don't get ME wrong, I'm not trying to save her from being told the world doesn't work in certain ways; I'll be the first to tell my child how it is/like it is (I mean, she watched the birth of her sister for goodness sake and she's already lost several pets in her little 5 years of life.) She knows a thing or two about hard lessons and facts of life...all learned right here at home.

I just want her learning experience nurtured and I know I can do that for her. I'm lucky enough to stay home and my heart is calling to keep my babies with me, so I am...it's really as simple as that! So...today we did a small 15 minute learning numbers session with a little balancing act!


I made numbers with a few pages of paper.

I asked her to stack as many blocks as the number said on the paper.

Then, after she stacked them...knock them down (add some fun) to

trace the number with different size blocks.

Sissy was simply on the floor, chewing blocks as we did our small lesson! It was fun

and easy and she enjoyed building as she was learning numbers. I didn't have

to tell her what any of the numbers were or how many to stack!

SUPER UPSIDE: She was wearing one of daddies shirts, because YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU'RE HOME.


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