Travis + Ashley Morgheim

So, who knew there was this GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD location smack dab in the middle of Mitchell & Morrill, Nebraska?! Cause I sure as heck didn't.

Travis & Ashley's Wedding day was held at Fillingham Farms and the moment I drove up, I was blown away. I could not wait to start shooting and capture all the beauty that I knew this day was going to hold!

Ashley was the coolest, calmest, happiest bride...probably because her & Travis had known each other since PRESCHOOL, how adorable is that? The other day on Facebook Ashley posted their preschool class photo and I got all giddy inside that they have been in the same class since about KNOWING somebody!

From having her best friends help her put on her dress to her dad including his most prized possession in the biggest day of their lives (driving her to the ceremony in his restored car) to her mom welling up at the sight of him walking her down the aisle, and living in the most perfect reception moments.....I'd say Ashley & Travis's day was a HUGE success and so, so memorable.

I am so happy I was there to document it all, every single detail was beyond flawless. Thank you all for choosing me to share this day with you.

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