I was ready for this session my whole life it felt like. Knowing the deep, heart-felt person that Liz is...I knew I had to make our time together with Chloe as meaningful and motherly as possible.

I think Liz's words say it all....

"If only I could express the wonder I see when I wake up to your little face every day, and the fact that you keep growing and changing makes me keep chasing the day before and hanging onto it for dear life but the greatest irony is I don't want to miss anything with you in the present. How I wish I could scream to the skies of this joy! and present you to a bunch of Kings like they did with baby Jesus... because I want to show the world how great you are, I am proud of you, I can't fathom why anyone could let themselves miss out on sharing this experience with you little darling. I am so incredibly lucky, I love you so, so much. I pray my memory can remember every moment with you"

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