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Maggie & Ben got married on what seemed to be the hottest day of the year, but that didn't stop them from having a GORGEOUS and unique ceremony in Maggie's grandparent's back yard. Ben is a marine and has been stationed California for awhile, he came back to marry the love of his life and bring her to the coast with him. I had the pleasure of meeting these two early in the year for engagement photos; they only had a short time together before Ben had to go back but those soaked up every minute. In every photo I shot, I could tell how incredibly thankful they both were to be in each other's arms. From that moment on, I knew their Wedding day would only be THAT much more special. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, what they say is absolutely true.

Ben's marine buddies and best friends stood by his side for the biggest day of his life; Maggie came down the aisle singing...a complete surprise for everyone, a sight that put Ben to tears among many others, including myself! I told Maggie several times throughout the day that she needs to go on 'The Voice', ESPECIALLY after she sang the crap out of 'The House of The Rising Sun' with her dad at their reception....her voice gave me the chills!

They prayed, exchanged vows and sealed the deal with a kiss....and more tears from everyone. It was such an emotional ceremony.

The reception was a blast, as they always are and pretty much everyone wanted a thousand encore's from Maggie, she rocked the stage with her dad's band. Maggie & Ben's first dance was beautiful, as were the dances with their parents.

Before the sun set, Maggie, Ben and I ran outside to catch the fireflies dancing in the light.

It was a truly magical day, all of it!


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