It wasn't meant to collect dust.

Truthfully, it REALLY kills me on the inside when a bride tells me her dress is getting vaccuum sealed in a box and going to be put on top of a shelf to never be seen until their eventual, future daughter gets married and wants to wear it.

Let's be real here, unless your dress is an amazing hand-sewn vintage GEM with intricate lace and incredible's most likely going to be outdated and just not the look your darling daughter will want to go for on their wedding day. Now, there's a trend where she can take a part of your it into hers and do that for generations to come. But, chances of her wearing your actual dress is really slim to none. And what if you have all sons...I dont know, to me it's just not practical. Yes, it should be treasured...but live it's beautiful life in the darkness? NO. I'm taking a stand. Yes, I'm using personification for a wedding dress because it has life, it has stories to tell!!!

Besides, this day is about YOU and YOUR TIME. You know, the time you got MARRIED to the LOVE of your LIFE. The time you vowed to spend eternity with this ONE, REALLY SPECIAL person. Girl....strut that dress you spent $1000-$3000 on. I'm not saying ruin it, but MAN was this session emotional and heart-felt. We re-lived their love, but on their time. None of this was rushed. We weren't in a hurry to get to the reception to meet the guests. We weren't posing for the sake of posing. This was so real and raw it was almost not. I can say a million things about this session but I know the series speaks for itself. If you're going to be a bride or were a bride, take a moment and think about it...sure that dress can sit up there on that shelf, but it wasn't meant to collect dust. It was meant to represent your love!

Let's represent.

Ahem....(water and sand is obviously dry-cleanable)

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